7.12 Spokes Council: RSVP

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A month of preperation and a week out from 7.12 things are starting to heat up…

Literally, Minnesota is getting muggy.

To attend the Spokes Council you must RSVP to the following address: mwclusterup@riseup.net

In this RSVP please include your needs as far as food, housing, childcare, and whatever else go.

Once we get your RSVP, you will be sent an (editable) schedule of the day along with meet up points.

Have a nice day.


a midwestern cluster forms

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On May 30th-June 1st, Anti-Authoritarians from all walks of Midwestern life converged in MPLS, MN to indulge in “Red Dawn”, take part in essential party crashing workshops, and strategize against the 2008 D/RNC.


During Saturday’s strategizing session, “A Midwestern Cluster” was formed.

After analyzing humyn sized maps, weighing pros and cons, and generally feeling out the territory of downtown St. Paul using the newly developed St. Paul sector map, folks at the strategizing session consensed that “A Midwestern Cluster” would, come hell or high water, hold SECTOR 5.

Why create a Midwestern cluster?

Given the sheer size of the sectors in downtown St. Paul, (and soon to be Denver?) we felt that smaller Midwestern splinter groups would have better luck accomplishing their goals if we clustered up and focused on a certain sector.

With this plan in mind, it seems like a tangible possibility that overflow into another sector may become a reality if the majority of the Midwestern splinter groups decided to commit.

Beyond the conventions, a Midwestern cluster would be an extremely useful tool when Midwestern calls to action need to happen.

For example: 300 immigrants were just recently deported in a Postville, IA raid with little to no response from Midwestern radicals.

If there had been a Midwestern body to call upon, things may have been different in Postville.

A diversity of tactics…

A Midwestern cluster recognizes the need for a diversity of tactics and embraces them.


What!? A spokes council in 1¼ of a month!? Yup yup. You didn’t‘ read anything incorrectly.

On July 12th, Unconventional Midwest will be hosting a spokes council in MPLS, MN. A Midwestern cluster is calling on
Midwestern anarchist and anti-authoritarian affinity groups/smaller clusters to send representatives to 7.12 to cluster up and begin strategizing within SECTOR 5 against the RNC.

We’re aware that meeting in a month may be difficult for some at this point. So an alternative means of showing solidarity,
commitment, and cluster strength has been created. See below.

…What about the DNC?

It’s not as if the Midwest has no interest in the DNC. Here in the Midwest it’s pretty clear that we are organizing against “politics as usual” and not merely the republicans. Out of four proposals that were on the table at the strategizing session, only one of them (forming a cluster) was addressed. This was due largely to time restraints and not lack of interest.

Because of the time restraints, an informal spill over discussion took place the following morning. During this discussion, the desire to plan and discuss DNC proposals at the 7.12 spokes council was met with some concern.

The concern was that not everybody who consensed upon the spokes council consensed upon using spokes council time to discuss
DNC strategy, even though proposals covering the DNC had been on the table.

With that concern in mind, we feel it just and appropriate to leave space at 7.12 for planning and strategizing for both DNC and RNC. This means there will be time and space to discuss the other three proposals (including “Out of the plains, into the Rockies!”) in addition to further and more concrete SECTOR 5 planning.


A solidarity assessment is easy as vegan pie to create. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be done in no time.

Step 1: Get on a public computer.
Step 2: Create a brand new email.
Step 3: Write an email to: mwclusterup@riseup.net expressing your affinity groups/clusters solidarity and commitment to holding SECTOR 5 (or organizing against the DNC), including an estimate of your numbers.

(Please do not include specifics. The internet isn’t a safe means of communication.)


Folks are highly encouraged to send in their proposals ahead of time to kick 7.12 off with a bang!
Please send proposals to the contact email below.



More information will be released as it is received.

We’d like to take a quick minute at the end of this barrage of information to be in solidarity with recent Midwestern developments.

– We are in complete solidarity with APOC’s critiques of the specialist/racist literature/stickers that made it’s way onto info tables
all over the Midwest.
– We are saddened, yet in obvious solidarity with the 300 immigrants that fell victim to the recent raid in Postville, IA.
– We are in absolute solidarity with the ihanktonwan people’s choice to fight the hog farm that’s encroached upon their land.
– Last but not least we are sitting (get it? Tree sits!) in solidarity with our sisters, brothers, and anyone in between or outside of those
two genders, holding strong against the monstrosity that is I-69.

In regional rage,
A Midwestern Cluster

Convergence Schedule ~ See you next week!

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7pm at Arise Bookstore
Benefit movie night and dinner
Vouch / Check-in

9am – 10am at Future Pasture
Security Culture

10:15 – 11:45 Future Pasture
RNC/DNC Updates
UA-Midwest Call to Action and March

12 – 12:30 Future Pasture

1pm – 3pm Location undecided
Strategizing Session – must be vouched for!

1 – 2pm
Tour of St. Paul – for those not at the strategizing session

3:30 – 4:30 at Powderhorn Park
De-arresting Game

5 – 5:30 Powderhorn Park

6 – 7:30pm Belfry
Cold Snap Legal Collective
Know your Rights

March tour of delegate housing

10 – 11am at Future Pasture
Breakfast and Debrief

11:30am – 1:30pm Future Pasture
Direction Action Training Block 1
Medic Training Part 1

1:45 – 2:15pm Future Pasture

2:30 – 4:30pm Future Pasture
Direct Action Training Block 2
Medic Training Part 2

5 – 5:30pm Future Pasture
Dinner and farewell


May 30th – June 1st: Unconventional Action Midwest Convergence

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On May 30th – June 1st, 2008, folks from all over the Midwest will be heading to Future Pastures in Minneapolis, Minnesota to flesh out solid proposals in regards to how we’ll work together against the RNC/DNC come September and August. This 3 day event will include essential party crashing workshops, networking, and intensive strategizing.
This three day event will include essential party-crashing workshops, networking, and intensive strategizing. If you have a specific workshop you’d like to see or facilitate, get a hold of us at the email address at the bottom of this release.

If your planning on making it to the strategizing session, please send an RSVP (to the e-mail at the bottom of this release) specifying your willingness to be apart of it. At this point we’ll send you a form to complete and send back to us.

Because of this, we ask that folks to keep security culture in mind to create the safest space possible for all parties involved.

We are asking people to send their proposals and ideas for the strategizing session ahead of time so we can go into this organized. You can send your input to the email address at the bottom of this release.

We will be providing childcare for most (if not the entire) convergence. Please give the organizers a hand and RSVP ahead of time to the e-mail at the bottom of this release. We need to stock up on toys and supplies!

Please RSVP to the following email address well ahead of time so we know what we can expect for food, housing, numbers, ect.


In rage,

-Unconventional Midwest

Call to Action!

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Unconventional Action Midwest invites all autonomous groups and individuals to
“adopt a delegate” in preparation for the Republican National Convention taking
place in St. Paul September 1-4.

How does it work?  Easy!  Simply choose a hotel and do what you can to the
delegate experience in the Twin Cities an unforgettable one!

Delegate hotels may be found

In congruence with the RNC Welcoming Committee’s Points of Unity and the
historic St. Paul Principles, UA-Midwest respects and encourages a wide
diversity of tactics.


May passion and rage be your guide.


Llamamiento para acción!

Libre Regalas de Acción de Midwest le invita a todos los grupos de autonomía y gente a “adoptar un delegado” en preparación para la convención nacional de Republicanos que se llevara acabo en St. Paul, el 1-4 de septiembre.

Como trabaja? Fácil! No más escoja un hotel y haga que la experiencia de los delegados en los Twin Cities sea inolvidable.

Aquí se pueden encontrar los hoteles donde los delegados se están quedando:

http://www.rncwelcomingcommittee.org/2008/04/07/gop-convention-names-party-headquarters-delegation-hotels/ no mas oprimir donde la palabra here esta subrayad.

O si quiere este sitio de red que da directamente al mapa:


En congruencia con la parte del Comité de Bien Venidas del RNC Puntos de Unidad y los principios históricos de St. Paul UA-Midwest respecta y alenta a toda táctica extensa y diversa.

Para información actual de Libre Reglas de Acción Midwest, no mas venga a este sitio de red.


Que la pasión y furia sea tu guía.